Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Late But Better Than Never!

Firstly, I finished and listed this beautiful Weather Girl, Al-Shama, to My Auction Barn last Tuesday. Her auction ends tomorrow (Tuesday, May 10), so you've still got a little time to go check her out!

Second, I will be going to BOYCC in a couple weeks so I don't expect to be doing any blogging before then, but my hope is to resume afterwards with regular updates once again. I certainly have content, it's just the time that is lacking! So until then, feast your eyes on some of the things that are in progress at the moment:

Valor is a custom order and just needs his feet, eyes and chestnuts painted, and a haired mane and tail. He, along with the Ringo below are the first on the block to be finished as soon as I get back.

And this is Sir Sproing! a Wintersong custom. Yes, his name includes the exclamation point. ;-) He's just about ready for his hair, finally! He'll be done in a silver dapple tobiano sabino, the quintessential Gypsy Vanner color.

And lastly, these are the most recently finished horses. You can click on their names to go to the full size galleries.

Brioso has a custom tail and mane with tassels. I also made him a swishy mosquero!

This Rebecca Turner medallion is also sooty buckskin, and has some fun duochrome paint for the background, a mixture of blue and silver. I can't wait to paint more medallions so I can use the other paints I got!

Stormy in grulla with massive amounts of dun barring.

Salinero in heavily dappled sooty palomino.

This Indy I don't think was ever in the blog. He is now a she, and was painted as a portrait for her owner.

Here's one more that didn't make it to the blog while he was in progress, a chestnut Dozen Roses.

And a pinto to round out the group on Strawberry Jam.