Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And We're Back!

Woo-hoo! BOYCC (am amazing experience) is behind me and things are chugging along in the studio now. What a relief to get back to normal. :-D And another huge relief - Sir Sproing!'s sculpting is done!

He'll be moving on to prepping now and I'm going to have to work very diligently to get him done in time for BreyerFest. But the light is showing through at the end of the tunnel and the deadline is doable. Whew! My other three top priority projects are:

Valor aka Denny needs his hair.

Deseoso is moving on to oils to finish his coat off.

And the Call Me Ringo CM needs his markings and details finished off. He'll be headed to My Auction Barn when he's done!

And here are a couple new things I tore apart in between projects. I don't know when I'll be able to start these back up but I just wanted to share what they look like for now:

And last but certainly not least... As you may have already read in Jennifer Buxton's blog, a sneaky plot was afoot to get measurements for Sproing!'s head. Obviously with all of his hair, measurements would have been a little different. I'm sure Jennifer would have been able to work without him, but when the opportunity to send a head in the mail comes up, one does not pass it by. I only wish Erin and I could have been there to see the look on Jennifer's face when she got this:

I used some really old rubber so the casting turned out terrible. But it was kind of humorous (in a sick, sick way) that it looked like he got a shotgun blast to the face. For a brief moment I debated on whether to paint all the "holes" too, but decided to stick with the more lighthearted cliche of bloody neck stump:

So there you have it. Don't mess with the model horse mafia!