Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Horse and In Progress

Well, now that I'm all set up again I've really been blasting through projects in the studio! :-D First up is "Call Me Trouble", the newly finished Call Me Ringo custom. He'll be headed for My Auction Barn this coming Monday (August 1). Click here to see the full gallery.

Next up is this Deseoso II resin. He has appeared in the blog before at various stages, very slowly progressing. It is my mission to finish both him and the haired Valor this August. They have both been lingering half finished for entirely too long! Today I started in on Dese's oil layers. I spent about 7 1/2 solid hours doing this side today:

Much like Curly's paint job I started with one method, found it to not be working to my liking, and switched tactics. Again, matching color was the real culprit and I knew I could get the shade I wanted in oils. The other thing about oils is I can now get an even more refined hair texture than I can using other media. It is quite difficult to achieve the look without getting uniform "mud" and getting the right direction of hair growth is exceedingly tricky, but it's worth the work if the desired end result is a softer roan.

Up next for him (after his other side is oil painted) is some more pencil work to pick out some of the specks and sharper roany areas. More pics to come then!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Set Backs and Set Ups

So hey, I had planned to start blogging a lot more, didn't I? Well, the theme for this year seems to be catastrophic failures of plans. My mom had to go in for another biopsy and, as it is brain surgery coupled with chemo, needed me to be around the house during her recovery process for a rather significant amount of time. During all this my dad also had to go back to the hospital for an additional foot surgery. Incidentally, fate decided that it would be HILARIOUS to have them both in surgery on the same day in different hospitals. (And I'm writing this blog post from a waiting room during yet another surgery...) So anyway, I tried to make the best of the situation and set up a temporary studio in my mom's kitchen:

As you can see the lighting was pretty dismal (and that's after I packed in two of my studio lights), but it was good enough to get the bulk of the work done. At least one plan is coming to a successful end though. Sir Sproing! is done now and is rushing to Erin so she can show him at BF this year. She has some really fun things planned so if you're going to be there take a look at his performance entries! He'll come back after she's done for some last little details and touchups so pictures will come after all that.

One of the nice things about being away for so long was getting to take pictures of my mom's garden several times a week. I have quite the collection of photos from that now and I am looking forward to editing them. I'll probably just put them on my Facebook but I may put up a small selection of them here too. I also got to hang out with "my" dog a lot (she thinks she's "mine" anyway!). Now that I'm home I miss my wake-up nosing! Is there any better alarm clock? I don't think so.

I also saw two deer wandering through the neighborhood! We don't exactly live in the country there so deer aren't a common sight, but it's rural enough that they feel fairly at home. They went to our neighbor's yard (thankfully bypassing my mom's rose bushes) which is more more of an, er, natural habitat.

And last but not least, I was able to take off one day and I went to the beach with my sisters. We had a blast searching for sea glass and rummaging around in tide pools. I also have tons of pictures to share from that little trip, but for now I will leave you with this sea star.