Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Progress

Hey, I thought of a view you haven't seen yet! (It's clickable for a large version.)

This is his first coat of oils on the underside of his barrel. He'll need another coat to brighten up the whites and fill the spots, but this is the last thing to do before I can move on to his lower legs. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, woo-hoo!

Monday, August 22, 2011

In Progress

Denny has eyeballs! Dese has had more work done too, but I won't bore you all with more pictures since he still looks pretty much the same to a camera. But as of today Denny (Valor) here is ready for his hair. I wish I could start right away, but I can't risk getting the hair out and having it float into Dese's paint job, so it will have to wait until that is done. D'oh!

Friday, August 19, 2011

In Progress

The hardest paint job ever! (Pic is clickable for a large version.) I am still slowly progressing on Deseoso. The front half of his left side now just needs some tweaks but it's getting there. I just started on the oil coat for his blanket half tonight. Right now there is white roany paint over his spots; the next coat will bring his real spots as well as some additional roaning and softening of things like the rib barring. I wish I had some pictures of other horses to show you, but he has been my life so far this month!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Progress

So, over the winter I got all of my color reference binders done as well as a bunch of other things like hair patterns and braids and such. But material just keeps pouring in here, and now I'm left with this all over again. I feel a bit like Sisyphus! Some of the new stuff came from books I got on sale at Borders which is sadly closing up shop. If you've been holding off on picking up that coffee table book now might be a good time to go for it.

And it doesn't look like much has changed with Deseoso, but he has had a lot of work done lately. His pencil roaning is all done, and his busted ear is fixed. I can see now that I forgot to put on the basecoat for his mottling, so that's next and then he can move on to his (hopefully!) final coats of oils. His pic is clickable for a larger version.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Rosenthal Prancing Horse I think? I dunno, I just thought he was super cool.

I finally had a chance to finish up my BOYCC photos! There are a ton to view - you can see them all here. I tried to get pictures of most everything for a couple of reasons: 1) Not knowing anything about what's collectible I didn't want to miss anything that people would find interesting and 2) I wanted to give an accurate sample of what was on the tables. Have fun! :-D

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things Were Going So Well!

And then...


Monday, August 1, 2011

So Many Hairs!

Since the last post with Deseoso I've been doing loads of pencil work for more texture and precision. One side is just about done with this stage of work so I thought I'd show the progression. You can click on each picture to bring up the full size sharper version.

This first image is a detail shot of his neck with just oils on the surface. It looks pretty soft, but the roaned areas are well defined.
This shot shows the same area after the bulk of pencil roaning was done. The area has some added specks and has been broken up and roaned out a little more.
The process to achieve this is as follows:
  • Prismacolor French Grey 20%
    • All over the light areas, lightly over the darker roan areas
  • Prismacolor French Grey 30%
    • Lightly over some light areas, mostly on darker roan areas
  • Derwent Aquatone Venetian Red
    • All roaning, lightly in light areas
  • Prismacolor Sienna Brown
    • Pick out spots and some darker roan areas
  • Blend spots in with colorless blender
  • Derwent Watercolor Venetian Red
    • Roaning in darker areas, around spots, knees, specks on barrel, rib barring, blanket spots
  • Sealed with DullCote

And lastly the lighter specks have been popped out some. This part is starting to look pretty grainy due to his slight texture and it sticks out rather badly in some spots. It will all meld back together once the oils go back on.
This step went as follows:
  • Prismacolor French Grey 10%
    • Light all over roaning, heavier in light areas, picking out white around some spots
  • Derwent Drawing Chinese White
    • Pick out whitest spots, some roaning

"Call Me Trouble"

He's finally up for auction! "Call Me Trouble" will be on My Auction Barn until Friday afternoon. I'm happy to take time payments - just email me to work out a schedule. :-)