Monday, August 1, 2011

So Many Hairs!

Since the last post with Deseoso I've been doing loads of pencil work for more texture and precision. One side is just about done with this stage of work so I thought I'd show the progression. You can click on each picture to bring up the full size sharper version.

This first image is a detail shot of his neck with just oils on the surface. It looks pretty soft, but the roaned areas are well defined.
This shot shows the same area after the bulk of pencil roaning was done. The area has some added specks and has been broken up and roaned out a little more.
The process to achieve this is as follows:
  • Prismacolor French Grey 20%
    • All over the light areas, lightly over the darker roan areas
  • Prismacolor French Grey 30%
    • Lightly over some light areas, mostly on darker roan areas
  • Derwent Aquatone Venetian Red
    • All roaning, lightly in light areas
  • Prismacolor Sienna Brown
    • Pick out spots and some darker roan areas
  • Blend spots in with colorless blender
  • Derwent Watercolor Venetian Red
    • Roaning in darker areas, around spots, knees, specks on barrel, rib barring, blanket spots
  • Sealed with DullCote

And lastly the lighter specks have been popped out some. This part is starting to look pretty grainy due to his slight texture and it sticks out rather badly in some spots. It will all meld back together once the oils go back on.
This step went as follows:
  • Prismacolor French Grey 10%
    • Light all over roaning, heavier in light areas, picking out white around some spots
  • Derwent Drawing Chinese White
    • Pick out whitest spots, some roaning


Carol said...

Wow, that looks great! Thanks for sharing your technique! Do you always use oils over the pencil roaning? I have tried scumbling acrylics with a dry brush but have never tried it with oils before.

Mel Miller said...

It does seem like lately for appy type roany and speckled areas some back and forth with oil and pencils does get the trick done for me. I haven't really settled on a particular method for this sort of color yet, but that has its benefits what with all the playing around and experimenting! :-D

Christine Sutcliffe said...


That's just incredible!

Last Alliance Studios said...


That's just incredible!

Last Alliance Studios said...

Apologies for the double post - I have two blogger accounts and only wanted to comment with one so signed out but I didn't realise the comment had already gone through! Fail. XD

Mel Miller said...

Hee hee! No problem, and thanks!

ordinarylittleart said...

That's pretty mind blowing. Do you keep the pencil tips sharp?

Mel Miller said...

Sorry, I didn't see this 'till now! Yes, the pencil tips need to remain fairly sharp. Instead of using a sharpener every 2 seconds, I just swipe (and twirl at the same time) the pencil on some sandpaper until it won't keep a point any more. Then it's back to the sharpener...