Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Progress

Well hi there! It seems like hardly any time at all has passed since the last blog post, but the date stamp proves otherwise... Much of that time was spent finishing up Deseoso, so there hasn't been much to share anyway! A couple new minis worked their way into the schedule and they haven't been seen here yet. So without any further ado, the finished horses (pictures are clickable for full galleries):

Deseoso in semi-leopard appy

"Denny", portrait of the horse from "The Man From Snowy River" on Valor

"Tator Tot", chestnut Imp

Portrait of Amy Widman's horse, "Traveller" on G1 SM Arab Mare:

There are some new things to share as well. These horses are all going to be some flavor of dapple grey. Some will be rosier than others and their shades vary from mostly dark to completely greyed out:

And last but not least, these are all quick mockups of medallions I am working on as time allows. They're very rough at the moment, but they're fleshed out enough to give you an idea of what they will look like. The theme for the round shapes is "horses at play" and the theme for the rectangles is "horses interacting with stable elements."


Vicky said...

The Working Girl could come live here...I need one....
And all the a collage....framed....would be awesome. I think I have just the place for it

Anonymous said...

That is the best G1 Arab mare CM I have ever seen - stunning work. Those lips!!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks guys! The real Traveller does that with his lips all the time - it's completely adorable. :-D