Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Progress

Happy Holidays everyone and early best wishes for the new year! Here's a quick update on the horses in progress. All are clickable for bigger pics.

Dese's head is nearly done; there are a few touchups and "oomphs" to do there, but it's getting close. The rest is just a dapple basecoat laying out basically where stuff goes and needs a lot of work yet.

Fenwick is pretty much done with his body color. He needs a couple touchups and then he gets his mane and tail and pretty red bow!

This Working Girl also just has her first dapple coat, but it went on so nice I probably only have one or two coats to go to finish her body. :-D

And last but not least, Mini Nahar is going to be a grey sabino with lots of nice roaned out edges to his markings. Lots of work to do there!


Carol said...

Love the Working Girl and Fenwick!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Carol! :-D