Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's New: Progress and Studio!

I spent the day beheading a bunch of bodies. Tomorrow they all get re-headed, or at least that's the plan. It is certainly quicker to demolish than to build!

I thought you might also like to see the view from my workstation. You see, I'm not the only person in the family who likes horses! Our living room is a little art gallery of sorts for some non-model equestrian art. The wall to my back has a fireplace with Richard Stone Reeves' Secretariat on the mantle:

The wall to my right has three more of his paintings. From left to right: Northern Dancer, Seabiscuit, and War Admiral - who seems to be a little catawompus right now, whoops!

And lastly, the wall I face is the entry plus this hunt scene:

There are more objets d'horse ;-) scattered about, but these are the prominent ones. I have to admit, it does lend a nice ambiance to the working space!


Anonymous said...

I love those pictures!

Urbangoatgirl said...

Can't wait to see those bodies re-headed! Looks like you have a LOT of fun stuff going on!