Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long Time, No Update!

Well, it seems as if I am yet again long overdue for an update. Since my last post a lot has happened both in work and in life. Sadly, my mother passed away in April. She fought a long, hard battle with cancer and ultimately wound up in hospice at home with her family. It has been a very difficult time not only emotionally, but also with the sheer enormity of the workload when dealing with someone who has zero mobility. She was the best mother anyone could have hoped for and is sorely missed. The photo above is from her garden; she was a Master Gardener and especially loved her dahlias. My sisters and I are keeping up the tradition, and we are pleased to see the dahlias now poking their little heads out of the ground.

In happier news, I have moved back home with my full studio setup and have been madly working away at the last of my backlog and starting on the new orders taken in March. This is what my lineup looks like currently (clickable for a bigger pic):

It's shocking, I know... I actually love working in batches on customizing though! Right now I am still working through all of the body work, with around 8 or so of what you see here left to finish up. Once that is done, almost all of them will be getting new manes and tails. Most of these are customer horses, with a few sales pieces tossed in to peck away at as well. Thankfully, I'm not painting all of them! Several are customs for Tracy Eilers, who will be adding her lovely paint work.

Neighner is still in progress. I had to set him aside for a while because all that bending over adding little hairs really messed up my back. Hopefully once I'm done with all that sculpting and prepping I'll be ready to finish him up. (That pic is also embiggenable!) And last but not least, I had the opportunity to finish this Dante:

He was, as you can see, auctioned earlier this month. I am so pleased with him, and I can't wait to paint the other little guys! Dante is one of my favorite sculptures of Sarah's, and happily he'll look good in just about any color. I don't have Hephaestus' gallery linked on the website yet, so to see his full set of pictures you can use this link.