Friday, July 19, 2013

Gemini (Totilas) Silent Auction

Offers for Gemini are being accepted now through 8:30 PM Saturday night! Gemini is Breyer's new Totilas, with a raised and turned neck, resculpted ears, and a new braided mane and pulled tail. He comes with an "arena sand" stand with a felt-lined bottom to protect from surface marring. Gemini is painted in a dark brown tobiano with intricate mapping.

Update: Gemini was Overall Reserve Champion at Breyerfest Live!

  • Opening bid: $400
  • You may submit your offer to Please put "Gemini" in the subject line.
  • Offers are private and you will be given a bidder ID number.
  • This is not an eBay style auction with incrimental bidding. Your bid will be logged as the current high offer until someone else submits a higher offer. You may submit multiple offers and watch the progress of the bidding below.
  • While the auction ends at 8:30 Saturday night, there will be a grace period for the high bidders to put in their final offers. No bids will be accepted from new bidders after 8:30 PM, and if necessary the final deadline for active high bidders will be 9:00 PM.
0010 $625
0011 $650
0012 $700
0010 $800

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