Friday, July 19, 2013

Mercury (Carrick) Silent Auction

Offers for Mercury are being accepted now through 8:30 PM Saturday night! This is the brand new Breyer mold, Carrick, with a resculpted braided mane and tail. His ears have been resculpted with one ear flicked to the side and his left front hoof was slightly enlarged and leveled out. He has been painted in an extremely sooty red bay with lots of dappling, and has just a couple of subtle markings with mapping.

Update: Mercury was Reserve Champion of his division at Breyerfest Live!

  • Opening bid: $350
  • You may submit your offer to Please put "Mercury" in the subject line.
  • Offers are private and you will be given a bidder ID number.
  • This is not an eBay style auction with incrimental bidding. Your bid will be logged as the current high offer until someone else submits a higher offer. You may submit multiple offers and watch the progress of the bidding below.
  • While the auction ends at 8:30 Saturday night, there will be a grace period for the high bidders to put in their final offers. No bids will be accepted from new bidders after 8:30 PM, and if necessary the final deadline for active high bidders will be 9:00 PM.
100 $400
101 $650

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