Thursday, August 22, 2013

Andromeda Auction

Now up on My Auction Barn!

This is "Andromeda", a customized Wixom. Her head and neck have been lowered and legs moved into a more relaxed walking position. She has a new nose, new ears, feet, mare genitalia and a resculpted nasal bone in addition to the new mane, tail and feathers. She has been painted in oils in a warm, dappled and distinctly Belgian chestnut. She has every detail you can expect of my work including shading in the mane, tail and feathers, detailed chestnuts, subtly striped hooves and lifelike eyes. Andromeda won Reserve Champion in the draft division at BreyerFest live this year. She'll come with her rosette and is ready to go out and compete some more!

Generous time payment plans are welcome - For this auction, my 30% deposit requirement is waived. I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible. Please inquire before bidding so that I know what to expect.

For a full gallery of larger pictures, click here.

Andromeda's auction listing is here.