Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Khaligraphy Auction

Ending Thursday on My Auction Barn!

This is "Khaligraphy", Brigitte Eberl's Weather Girl customized as an Arabian gelding. His trot has been altered to a lovely active gait with all four legs resculpted from the knees or hocks down (and the left fore completely redone). His neck has been resculpted and placed in a performance friendly on the bit pose. His nose and mouth have been completely resculpted and he has new alert ears with one flicked back, attentive to his rider. His mane and tail have been sculpted in beautiful braids - a running braid for his mane and a tidy pinwheel for his tail. Khaligraphy also sports sculpted on shoes complete with toe clips and nail heads. He floats above his arena sand base on two unobtrusive plexi-glass rods.

Khaligraphy has been painted a coppery red chestnut, his mane and tail shaded with hints of red mixed in to the flaxen color. He has four flashy white sabino socks and a big blaze. He also has all the other details my work is known for including shaded chestnuts, detailed hooves and lifelike eyes. His photos unfortunately can't show the subtle shading and metallic sheen he has in real life - he really must be seen to be fully appreciated!

Generous time payments are welcome - I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible. My usual 30% deposit is not required for this auction. Please inquire before bidding so that I know what to expect.

For a full gallery of larger pictures including many more detail shots, click here.

Khaligraphy's auction listing is here.

Note: I forgot to post his listing when it started, so just be aware, this is his last day!