Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seattle Native Auction

Now on My Auction Barn! (Sometimes the link doesn't work - not a problem! You can either click it again, or he's easy to find on the MAB home page.)

This is "Seattle Native", Kitty Cantrell's Loneseome Glory customized as saucy Thoroughbred stallion. He is turning and neighing at something behind him - perhaps he sees a lovely mare, or maybe he's expressing his opinion about having to work during feeding time. Either way, he's a handful. His neck has been resculpted as has his entire right shoulder and leg. His barrel has been filled out and all of his hooves have been resculpted, including shoes. He has new ears and a new lower face including his nostrils and semi-open neighing mouth. His tail accentuates his tense movement and his pulled mane is nearly as unruly as he is.

Seattle Native has been painted a rich dappled brown. The dappling is more subtle in places than the photos suggest - you really have to see him to appreciate all of his nuances. He has four flashy white sabino socks and a big blaze to really make him stand out. He also has all the other details my work is known for including shaded chestnuts, detailed hooves and lifelike eyes. He comes with his NAN card from BF Live where he won his class.

Generous time payments are welcome - I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible. My usual 30% deposit is not required for this auction. Please inquire before bidding so that I know what to expect.

For a full gallery of larger pictures including detail shots, click here.


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Thanks Shanti!

Hubert Robin Gomez said...

Dear Mel,
I just discovered you, whilst browsing through the net and in "Pinterest". I dare say that your equine "Seattle Native" is truly a remarkable piece of work. I am a horse lover too, I paint them in all mediums, soft pastels, water-colour, oil and also sculpt the equine on wood, clay for casting in bronze and many other media, such as "Steel sheets-Blacksmith".
On reading your interests in life, I find that they are more-or-less the same. Music, photography, writing, cooking and many more endurements of life which I love.
I would be grateful if you furnish me your email: id, so that I can send you some of my paintings for your scrutiny. My em: is My mobile no. is 91 9831559490
I am from "The City of Joy", Calcutta/Kolkata, in West Bengal-India. Would love to correspond with you and would cherish to be your friend.
I am also in Facebook, if your too, send me a friend request. Will love it.
Warmest regards
yours truly
Hubert Robin Gomez