Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peanut Auction

Now on My Auction Barn! (Sometimes the link doesn't work - not a problem! You can either click it again, or he's easy to find on the MAB home page.)

This is "Peanut", a custom on the Classic Quarter Horse Mare. She has had lots of little improvements here and there including new hooves, shoes, heel bulbs and pasterns. Her legs have been straightened and resculpted where necessary to correct molding issues. Peanut also has an all new nose and mouth, forehead, profile and cute twisty ears. She wonders just where her carrot is with that sassy little head turn. Her mane and tail are finished in neat hunter braids and she's ready to hit the show ring.

Peanut has been painted a light creamy palomino sabino with shading in her mane and tail and she has two cute little boop spots on her nose. Her markings are mapped and she has all the details my work is known for including shaded chestnuts, detailed hooves, and lifelike eyes.

Peanut is my last sales horse this year, so pick her up while you can!

Generous time payments are welcome - I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible. My usual 30% deposit is not required for this auction. Please inquire before bidding so that I know what to expect.

For a full gallery of larger pictures including many more detail shots, click here.

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