Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aphrodite and Eros Auction

Now on My Auction Barn! (Sometimes the link doesn't work - not a problem! You can either click it again, or they're easy to find on the MAB home page.)

This pair, "Aphrodite and Eros" are customs on the brand new Breyer molds Hermosa and Corazon. The mare, Aphrodite, has been customized to be on the bit in a more floaty trot. Her right front leg has been straightened a tad, and she trots on three very stable pegs. (The pegs are photoshopped out in all of their outdoor pics, but she is unaltered in her regular photo set.) Her neck has been resculpted to tuck her head, and she is ready for the show ring in her braids and pulled tail. Aphrodite also has new ears, a new nose, a slightly altered profile and jaw, and new mare parts. Her colt, Eros, also has a new nose, ears, genitalia, and matches his mom with tiny baby braids and a new tail.

Both are greys, though young Eros is currently displaying a silvery shaded black, with only the first hints of grey around his eyes. Aphrodite is a classic beauty in medium dapple grey. She has lots of little nuances like variegated legs with light coronets, black ear rims, and a mix of star and puffier cloud dapples. Both are finished with the all details my work is known for including detailed eyes, hooves with growth rings and textured chestnuts.

Shipping is $30 including insurance in the US. International shipping will be actual price and quoted at the time of the auction ending. Sorry, I will not put a lower value on the package or mark as gift for international shipments.

Generous time payments are welcome - I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible. My usual 30% deposit is not required for this auction. Please inquire before bidding so that I know what to expect.

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