Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fashioneighsta Auction

Now on My Auction Barn! This is "Fashioneighsta", Jennifer Scott's Covergirl resin painted in an intensely dappled grey. She is covered head to toe in little details: wrinkles, veins, interesting smudging on her face, a little pink snip, four small socks, and variegated roany shading just like a real grey's coat. Her shoes even have nails complete with slightly darker shading around the crimps where dust accumulates. Her base is dark and subtle to allow her details to shine, but it is not without interest itself. The dirt is mottled with geys, browns, and blacks, and the black plinth is shaded with similar colors. It is set off with a silver nameplate and finished with a felt bottom to protect your surfaces.

Shipping is $40 including insurance in the US. International shipping will be actual price and quoted at the time of the auction ending. Sorry, I will not put a lower value on the package or mark as gift for international shipments. It will be possible to hand deliver her at Breyerfest this July to minimize shipping risk if the winner desires.

Generous time payments are welcome - I am happy to work with customers to make purchases possible.

For a full album of photos, please visit the Chinook Studios facebook page.