Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Nevado" Auction

Now on My Auction Barn! This is "Nevado", a custom on the brand new Breyer Duende. Nevado is now a mule, and while he's still in his original standing position, I have done some resculpting to to give him a mule rather than a horse body. His hips, back and withers are modified, as is his neck to be less cresty. He has new feet and a cute short muley tail and roached mane. The real fun is on his new face - Nevado not only has new ears of course, but he has a quivery, floppy lip complete with teeth and tongue peeking out. He also has new eyelids and an ever so slightly convex profile that completes the "slightly rough around the edges, but handsome" look.

Nevado has been painted in a bay leopard appaloosa with the wildest spotting pattern imaginable. He is based off of a real mule with the same spotting, but is not a portrait. His spots range from deep solid browns and blacks, through rich mahogany and toasty tan, to so speckled with white they are almost non-existent. All of these spots overlap in intriguing ways so there's always something new to find! Nevado is finished off with all the details my work is known for including detailed eyes, textured chestnuts, mottling, and striped hooves with growth rings.

Shipping is $25 including insurance in the US. International shipping will be actual price and quoted at the time of the auction ending. Sorry, I will not put a lower value on the package or mark as gift for international shipments.

Time payments are welcome! I know December can be an expensive month, so for this auction I am putting a $100 cap on my usual 10% down payment, with the remaining payments to be evenly spread in monthly installments of up to 6 months. I am happy to work with you on scheduling if you require a slightly different arrangement. Please inquire before bidding to work out any details outside of these terms, thank you!

If you'd like to see more photos, and larger versions of those seen here, please visit the Chinook Studios facebook page.